Don Det It is after a journey Cambodia/Laos which was supposed to last 6 hours and which finally took 12 hours and 5 minibuses that we arrived at the southern border of Laos. Our first destination, the region of the 4000 Mekong Islands and more particularly the island of Don Det. A small island of a few km where it is good to live, on the program, Kayak, swimming (in the Mekong), cycling, visiting waterfalls and relaxation. It is nice in the morning to throw yourself into a hammock for a few hours with a good book and just admire the scenery. The unforgettable moment of this region was the kayak trip (a full day I would like to say) which allowed us to see the freshwater dolphins and the widest waterfall in the world (14km!!!!). Pakse A short 150km trip and here we are in Paksé, a city in full expansion and above all a starting point for a motorcycle ride on the plateau of the Bolivians. It is a plateau a little in altitude which offers sumptuous landscapes and rather rural areas not very disturbed by tourism. 200 km is the distance we will have covered by motorcycle, visit waterfalls, traditional villages and coffee farm are the main attractions after all on its landscapes.