As part of Latin America, Peru is a country with unique traditional cultures and incredible tourist attractions. A trip to Peru is possible.

At Lake Titicaca

Located on the road from La Paz to Puno, a public bus can take you to the shores of Lake Titicaca. On the road, you can already see the blue beauty of Lake Titicaca, and you can also admire the herds of llamas and alpacas. This bus ride will allow you to stop at will to observe them more closely. An adventure trip is always a good idea! When you arrive at the lake, a cruise awaits you with a boat trip on the highest navigable lake in the world (3,800 m above sea level) and it takes you to the island of Amantani where you can party with the people of the village. Passing through the floating islands, made of rushes, on which still live a people of Aymara Indians. Floating islands made of reeds. In this country of the Incas, you will be their hosts in a Peruvian family. You will stay there and sleep at their house. In addition, you can admire the sunset in this place.

Cusco, Pisac, Ollantaytambo and their authentic sites

You can take a walk in Cusco, the historical centre par excellence, the "navel of the world" according to the Incas. You can visit most of the archaeological sites near the city: TamboMachay, PucaPucara, Qenqo, Sacsaywaman, ceremonial sites, famous temples, markets and fortress with perfectly cut stone walls. Going through the market, you can visit the archaeological site of Pisac, which is often compared to MachuPicchu. Because of its geographical location, it offers impressive views. Ollantaytambo, the only Inca village still intact is still indescribable.


In addition to discovering Cuzco and the famous Machu-Picchu, you will guide you to the white mountain range with its glaciers and mythical peaks of more than 6,000 m, a wonder of energizing humanity. You can visit this fabulous site, the Inca city abandoned for centuries. On the way back to Cusco, you can admire the magnificent scenery by train.


You can visit the city of Lima, admire the beauties of the capital. During your walk in the colonial city of Lima, you can do free humanitarian activities in an aid centre in San Juan de Lurigancho. Whether it is the colonial city centre of Lima, the vastness of Lake Titicaca, the flight over the mysterious Nazca lines or the climbing of the megadunes of the Ica desert, the adventure in Peru will always be much more than just a trip to the Andes. So if the Inca Trail and the famous "Inca Trail" call you, expect to be amazed for a multitude of other reasons.