The Philippine archipelago is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for scuba diving. It is no coincidence that many people go there, whether for their first dive or to explore the rich seabed. Here are 5 reasons that should convince you to choose a diving trip to the Philippines.

The Philippines is part of the Coral Triangle

It has been scientifically proven that Philippine waters are part of the Coral Triangle, the epicentre of marine biodiversity in the world. There are 488 species of corals out of 500 known around the world, covering more than 25,000 square kilometres of coral reefs. Some of the reefs date back to the ice age and have been found to contain more than 2000 species of fish. It is therefore quite possible to tailor a stay in the Philippines, around diving to discover the marine treasures that this country offers.

Good conditions for diving during a large part of the year

In general, diving enthusiasts can enjoy warm and pleasant water, whose temperature varies between 27 and 30 degrees. In addition, some of the spots have very clear waters with a visibility of up to 45 metres. It is almost possible to dive all year round in the Philippine archipelago. However, the three seasons he knows can affect diving conditions. For example, at certain times the weather can change abruptly. From December to March, the water is colder, and the winds are rather strong. It also affects visibility, which is decreasing.

A very abundant marine fauna to admire

Another good reason to dive in the Philippines is its colourful gardens of hard and soft corals, home to abundant marine life. During an underwater excursion, you can see scorpion fish, barracudas, tuna, batfish, or groupers. In addition, if you are lucky you will see more exotic species such as the pygmy seahorse, parrot fish, titan ballista, licorn fish, squid and octopus. You will also contemplate several rays (eagle, manta...), and different kinds of sharks (hammerhead shark, tiger shark, whale shark...).

There are many diving spots in the Philippines

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you will find spots adapted to your level. For example, there is the Yapak dive site on Boracay Island for experienced and certified divers looking for thrills. The top of the drop-off begins at a depth of 30 meters, before falling vertically. You can admire rays, schools of tuna and sharks. In addition, the wall is inlaid with various corals. On the island of Malapascua, there is the spot of Monad Shoal which is famous for being an observation site to see the rare thresher sharks. Otherwise, you can also see barracudas, tunas, morays and many other tropical fish. In Subic Bay, you can dive on the very popular wreck of the USS New York. This armoured cruiser is easy to access as it rests at a depth of 18-30 metres. You can swim between its unspoilt canons, contemplating the many barracudas, lobsters, rays and groupers that have made it their home. Among the sites worth a visit are the diving sites on the islands of Mactan, Cebu and Apo; the spots around the city of Dumaguete or Anilaositué in the province of Batangas.

Many spots for snorkeling

If you prefer snorkelling, spots such as Balicasag Island or the small group of islets of the Visayas are perfect for underwater hiking. Their clear waters allow you to enjoy the landscape and the marine environment. You will see tropical fish of all kinds and colours, sea turtles, as well as different corals.