There have been global concerns about the issues of women rights in Iran. Women in Iran are more restricted compared to women from other nations. This poses the question of the safety of solo female travelers in Iran. Traveling to Iran as a woman is perfectly secure. However, you must do some requirements or some things to prepare for the trip. For instance, you may want to go through women rights in Iran here:

Get the right clothing

One of the most important things for a female traveler to Iran is to get the right clothing. Iran is one of the few countries where women are mandated to wear specific clothing. Women in Iran must wear Hijabs, which applies to female travelers. It is all about adhering to the Islamic dress code as Iran is an Islamic nation. To travel to Iran as a female, you must acquire the appropriate clothing in the planning process. Iranian law also stipulated that all women, residents or visitors, wear clothes that cover their arms, legs, and hair. While the government is not too hard on visitors about the dressing code, it is always safer to adhere to it. This way, you can avoid issues like sexual harassment and get acceptance from the locals. Below are some clothing pieces you should acquire when traveling to Iran;

• Shawl or headscarf
• Long sleeve tops and long pants
• Long and decent dresses
• Go for darker colors

Research the laws and regulations in the country

Before traveling to Iran as a solo female traveler, it would also be wise to research the laws and regulations in the country. For instance, it would help to understand women’s rights in Iran and how they can influence your visit. Below are some unspoken laws female travelers should understand when visiting Iran;

• Women sit at the back when using public transportation
• In long-distance buses, unrelated men and women do not sit next to each other
• Mosques and shrines have entrances for women
• Gender segregation laws do not apply in shared taxis

Understanding the written and unspoken laws and regulations will help you avoid situations that could get you in trouble when visiting the country.

Get all your documents in order

When traveling to Iran, you must also ensure that all your documents are in order. This is important for both female and male travelers. You need specific travel documents to avoid getting in trouble with the law or the police in Iran. You can find the documents you need to travel to Iran by researching via the internet or asking the relevant authorities before traveling.

Plan for accommodation

Planning for accommodation before getting on a plane to Iran will also help the situation significantly. The internet is a great place to start. You can make hotel reservations before getting on a plane to Iran. This way, you do not have to worry about getting stranded when you get to the country. This is especially important for a solo female traveler because getting effective help as a foreign woman may be challenging. Iranian women rarely go out on their own. Their husbands or male relatives usually accompany them. For this reason, most women do not travel to the country without male companions. However, this does not mean that women cannot travel to Iran alone. Iran is a beautiful and safe country. As long as you adhere to the laws and follow the tips above, you can safely travel to Iran without a male companion.