When travelling, we want to have the maximum comfort throughout our journey. To avoid constantly dragging your heavy luggage, you can take advantage of solutions as efficient as placing it in an on-site luggage locker or having your luggage sent in advance by the carrier directly to your destination. In addition, it will allow you to keep your belongings safe and enjoy the sightseeing tours! Visit https://www.nannybag.com/ for more about luggage storage and bag drop.

Where to keep your luggage when travelling

Be careful not to leave your luggage unattended. Never! Never! Always keep an eye on your suitcase, or at least let someone else do it for you. And if you are travelling alone, don't hesitate to ask for help. Where exactly?

1. Hotels or restaurants

Of course, leaving your luggage in a hotel where you stay should not be a problem. But, whenever necessary, it is also not bad to ask in a restaurant if they have such a service. There may not be much chance, but what's the worst that can happen anyway?

2. Train or bus stations

Almost every train or bus station has baggage lockers on site. In addition, the main stations are usually located in the centre, which makes it easier to retrieve your suitcase once you have completed your exploration of the city. However, prices and schedules can vary considerably.

3. Airports

Finding storage space for your luggage at the airport makes a lot of sense if you have a stopover. Leaving your luggage safe will allow you to move around easily and return in time for your next flight. But keep in mind that this option may not be available everywhere, especially in small airports.

4. Independent baggage lockers

You may have to venture out onto the street to find a luggage locker and have your luggage kept, but it is usually worth it. Rates are often more affordable and the location can be much better too. Again, it really depends on the city in which you are travelling.

Have your luggage transported by a shipping service

If you do not want to pick up a luggage deposit on arrival, arrange for the transport of your luggage in advance. In addition, it will surely make your trip more comfortable. You can choose not to carry your suitcase with you and not to worry about losing it. And here's what to do every time you plan to send your luggage. Whichever option you choose to find space for your luggage, don't leave anything precious inside. We also recommend that you plan your trip in advance and pack your suitcase properly to avoid unnecessary delays.