When it comes to preparing your bag to go on a road trip, you have to make choices, and it's already difficult! You have to limit yourself, take the essentials, and don't forget anything either. Once this sorting is complete, a new concern appears: where to leave your excess belongings? If we don't have a free apartment or friends to store them at home, where can we leave our luggage for the duration of our road trip? For security reasons, airports have fewer and fewer instructions where to drop off your belongings during your trip. In addition, they are often limited in size and time. Baggage Storage offers you to keep your luggage, bags, keys, and other accessories. They are present in major Australian airports but also in New Zealand, Singapore and New York. You should count 16$/day for a large suitcase. You can estimate the amount and know the nearest deposit on their website. The company also offers to leave your backpacks and hand luggage in one of the many lockers available in different cities. Visit https://www.nannybag.com if you wish to learn more about luggage storage service. Another solution, more economical; you can leave your luggage in a backpack. For a few dollars a day, it is possible to entrust them with your business. Hostels and other backpacks will keep your belongings in a secure room. Ask them directly!

Need a luggage locker in Times Square? Here is our luggage locker guide in Times Square

Times Square's baggage check service connects you to local hotels and businesses that store your baggage. Many companies like for example nannybag and Stasher work closely with partners such as Accor Local, Premier Inn and Holiday Inn to provide you with access to hosts in more than 100 cities around the world. They offer you an alternative to lockers and station lockers. Our service is unlimited in size. You benefit from exceptional and rewarded customer service. Select the most convenient deposit and book online to store your luggage online. It is from only £5, €5 or $5/24h. Each piece of luggage is insured up to 1000 €.