When travelling, it is quite common to leave or return with a lot of luggage. If you are travelling to a beautiful city like Barcelona with a tight schedule, you may want to make the most of your time without having to walk around without your luggage. Here are some of the best places that offer luggage storage services in Barcelona. You can also visit nannybag.com and check more about luggage storage service in Barcelona.

Excess Baggage Company at Barcelona Airport

Barcelona's El Prat Airport offers baggage drop-off and storage services through a private company known as the Excess Baggage Company. This allows you to store your items at the airport for a short or long period of time as long as it is no more than 90 days. The airport has two luggage offices, one at Terminal 1 (T1) located in the intermodal hall on floor 0 and the other at Terminal 2 (T2B) located in the check-in hall on the ground floor. Rates vary according to the type of luggage, time and quantity. They sometimes have special discounts. For more information on fares, promotions and conditions of use, visit the official airport website.

Sants Train Station

If you travel to or from Barcelona by train, you can store your luggage in the luggage storage area at Barcelona Sants Station. The storage area is located near McDonald's and is secured by cameras and security personnel 24 hours a day. It has a capacity of approximately 100 traps, small and large, which can hold carry-on baggage and large suitcases. The cost for the small locker is only €3.60 while the large locker is rented at €5.

Barcelona North Bus Station

The lockers at Barcelona North Bus Station are open to the public 24 hours a day. The traps are available in three different sizes, each at a different rate. The small locker costs €3.50, the large one €5, and the larger lockers cost €7, for 24 hours.

Locker Barcelona

Near the Plaza Catalunya, Locker Barcelona offers private lockers to store your luggage in the heart of Barcelona. Its proximity to the centre makes it ideal and popular among tourists. For reservations, rates and details on their opening hours, visit Locker Barcelona's official website.


Keepiz is an application and website that allows users to search for the nearest available places to store luggage in Barcelona. This online activity operates through a network of guards, often hotels, bars, or stores that have additional space where customers can store their luggage temporarily. Search and find your nearest guardian on their website! A mobile check-in service is also available for people who want to pick up their luggage from one place to another, even at the airport.