Today your blog our trip offers you a destination that may be a little less exotic than what it has been offering you since the beginning, but for a destination that, as you will see very quickly as you read these few lines, is not without interest, far from it. You have heard a lot about this destination in recent weeks and especially during the last natural disasters that occurred there, we are talking about the city of Lourdes and its sanctuary.

A city where tourism is particularly developed

If we all know the city of Lourdes by name for its sanctuary and pilgrimages, we know it a little less for its tourist capacities and yet, we must admit that they are there. You will of course tell us, since the city must be able to accommodate the six million pilgrims who visit it every year. Certainly, but few people know, for example, that this makes Lourdes the second largest hotel city in France (after the capital, of course). A hotel capacity and a religious activity that are accompanied by all the usual tourist prerogatives with many caf├ęs and restaurants as well as many shops and not only those that sell statuettes bearing the effigy of the Virgin Mary and the rosaries but if they remain in the majority, let us not hide it.

What can you admire on your way to Lourdes?

If you come on pilgrimage, of course, the sanctuary and all that it contains. If this is not your primary motivation or if you are not against a little tourism other than religious, you will have enough to do. The Gemmail museum, for example, from which the photograph of this ticket comes, the Pic du Jer with its funicular, the caves on its summit, the city's castle and many other visits a few kilometres away. So if you want to organize a stay in Lourdes and find out what could be interesting to do there, we invite you to consult this website which will present you not only the essential religious visits for those who come to Lourdes as part of a pilgrimage, but also the tourist visits that are available to you.

Further information

The site we have just indicated will also give you some advice on how to travel well and stay once you are there if you want to book a hotel near the cave or a little further away but therefore cheaper.