Each country has its own traditions and festivals. Like all countries, Portugal also has its festivals and traditions that are part of its cultures. Throughout the year, Portugal organizes several festivals and celebrations that are interesting. These festivals are secular events and many tourists are interested in them. But what are these traditional Portuguese festivals then? In this article, we will talk about the great pilgrimage of Viana do Castelo, the most beautiful events and finally, the other religious festivals in Portugal.

The great pilgrimage of Viana do Castelo

One of the great events in Portugal is the pilgrimage of Our Lady of the Agony. It is a religious festival that existed since the 18th century in the appearance of the Capelle de Notre-Dame de l'Agonie. The festival takes place in the district of Viana do Castelo every year in August. During this event, many tourists come to visit the country, both Portuguese and foreign. The romaria lasts four days and is one of the biggest festivals in Portugal. So there are spectacular fireworks during the festival. Romaria is traditional, because there are also parades of different ethnic groups that also show the history of the country. You can also admire the Mordomia parade, which is a historical parade of Portugal because it shows the customs. More than 3000 people travel through the city of Viana do Castelo in a 2 km road. Women wear their gold jewellery and folk clothing. These events will provide you with information on the customs and histories of the country, visit www.fetes-traditionnelles.fr to learn more.

The most beautiful events in Portugal

The 25th of April and the national holiday of Portugal are the two biggest holidays in Portugal. The 25th of April or Freedom Day is an event that marks the liberation of Portugal from Fascism. This event is also called the celebration of the carnation revolution. The celebration of the national holiday is also one of the major events in Portugal. This takes place on June 10, the day that the famous poet Luiz Vaz de Camões passed away. It is the poem that is called "Os Lusiadas", written by this poet who paid tribute to the first Portuguese inhabitants. The national holiday and the 25th of April in Portugal are events considered as public holidays.

Other religious holidays in Portugal

Feiras Novas are also traditional religious holidays in Portugal. Many tourists are attracted by this event. The festival takes place in Ponte de Lima every year in September. Tourists can admire the medieval bridge which is a bridge over the Lima River. The city of Ponte de Lima is the oldest of the cities and the most splendid in Portugal. There are many activities that you can admire during the festival and you can even participate in them. There are also other religious holidays such as the feast of Our Lady of Remedies, which is interesting. Some religious holidays also take place in the cities of Braga, Porto and Lisbon, which are major holidays in Portugal attracting thousands of tourists.