Who hasn't hoped to spend a weekend in the mild Caribbean sunshine? Unlimited turquoise water, vast golden sandy beaches, a warm welcome from the occupants of these fabulous islands... Here's what to expect once you're in the Caribbean!

A look at the West Indies

Strategically located, the Caribbean Archipelago occupies more than 235,000 km2 of pristine land. From an aerial view, the Greater and Lesser Antilles are divided by nautical circuits favouring catamaran cruises. The Caribbean temperature varies between 25 and 30°C depending on the season. Ideal for intense adventures during a cruise. Since several languages are spoken there, such as French, Creole, English and even Dutch, you will have no trouble finding an experienced guide (Routard is one of them) to show you the most beautiful treasures in the archipelago. Spanish holidaymakers are not to be outdone since the language is widely used in the region.

When the aquatic dream comes true

A cruise to the Caribbean is probably the best way to approach the Caribbean Sea to its depths, especially with diving. If your budget allows it, don't miss the opportunity to take part in tours that will take you to Granada, the British Virgin Islands or Martinique.

Typical fishing boat in Martinique

And for an even more complete stay, organize a family cruise to explore the most beautiful sites in this fantastic archipelago. During your stay in the West Indies, renting a perfectly equipped catamaran will allow you to better enjoy the benefits of the sea. Fans of Caribbean architecture will also find their happiness there. From island to island, you will witness a rich culture that has always amazed tourists from all over the world with its originality.