Are you looking for a large cottage to welcome you during the holidays? You want a group cottage in the Jura? In this article you will find information that may be useful for you to prepare your next holiday with a group of friends or family.

What is a group cottage?

A group cottage is a place designed to accommodate a group of friends or family. In this place, this group of people can stay for a specific period. If you live in the Jura, you can find several types of group accommodation. There are those that are called stopover cottages and those that are called holiday cottages. Stopover cottages are best suited to people with disabilities. They are also large places that can accommodate a large group of friends or families. As for the rental of large cottages and especially group cottages, is reserved to welcome people who are looking for a place to meet. These structures are set up in the Jura and are popular for seminars, green classes or sports internships.

What could you find in a group cottage?

In general, a large group cottage is already equipped. Indeed, you will find the essential daily equipment that you can use during your stay. There is a living space, sleeping accommodation is presented either in the form of a room or a dormitory. The latter are equipped with very comfortable beds. The cottages also have all the necessary private or collective sanitary facilities. Some cottages can also offer you very well-equipped kitchens to prepare your various meals throughout your stay. Others set up a restoration room run by the owners of the premises.

What are the particularities of the large cottages in the Jura?

The group cottages that you can find in the Jura are of unparalleled comfort. Indeed, already in terms of availability, some can offer up to 10 rooms, or even more. These are places that the owners have taken care to arrange so that you feel safe. They also want their guests to be accommodated in optimal conditions with maximum comfort. Concerning the different rental packages available to the public, you can access different packages: a one-week rental, for a weekend, during the holidays, etc. In most of the large cottages in the Jura, each room has a bathroom. It can accommodate up to 26 people. For family reunions, everyone can get into the living room and have fun together. There are also playrooms to relax and have a good time. Another special feature of the cottage in the Jura is the fact that in summer, holidaymakers will be able to opt for individual rentals. But this depends on two conditions: the cottages are not occupied, and the reservation is made 15 days in advance. In the cottages, there are common areas and there are also private areas. In the latter, you could abandon the members of the group you came with and enjoy a few moments of rest alone. To conclude, for your holidays, your seminars, your family reunions, opt for group cottages. You will see that you will have unique and unforgettable moments.