Whether in contemporary literature or in historical works, Greece has always been a source of fascination. Land of the world's greatest conquerors, Greece has an incredible charm. A boat tour of the country will amaze you in the most beautiful way.

Discover the Greek wonders by boat

A cruise to Greece, in the warm and blue waters of the Mediterranean will be the perfect opportunity to explore the Greek coasts, but also the islands and other coastal regions. At the top of the most beautiful destinations is Corfu. With its extraordinary vegetation composed of olive trees, pines or orange trees, Corfu will literally make you fall under the spell. This small island shelters magnificent buildings, notably with the Achilleion Palace, which was a military hospital during the First World War. Another destination not to be missed under any circumstances is the Saronic Gulf. There, you will discover superb beaches overhanging radiant buildings, some of which date back to the Second World War. With its large rocky shoreline and dense wild vegetation, Zakynthos Island is home to the sea turtles that roam the region. Zakynthos is ideal for scuba diving, but also for long hours of relaxation on the beach.

Boat rental in Greece

Catamaran rental will allow you to move faster, to better contemplate the panoramic views of the region, but also to sail on exceptional bodies of water.  Over time, under a warm but gentle wind, you will gradually discover the true history of Greece. The catamaran is easily manoeuvrable and has a large surface area. So, you will have no trouble entertaining friends around, preparing quick meals and having a drink while talking.