Many parents are aware of this situation: The job is stressful; the children are in a difficult period and for the partner there is never enough time. A break from daily life would be necessary. But where to go? What would be the ideal place for all family members to find something to enjoy?

Spend a weekend or a holiday?

Time decides on the destination: When you have only one weekend available it is better to stay in your own country than to travel abroad to enjoy the freest time, especially when travelling with small children who do not like long journeys. So, what sites are nearby to relax?


Another question that arises is that of the means of transport: plane or bus, train or car? In all cases, the distances must be calculated realistically, i.e. with enough breaks. Instead of taking the quickest and most convenient way, many parents today prefer to travel ecologically responsible and go on holiday with their children by bike or on foot. So, the holidays already start as soon as you leave the house.


The choice of accommodation also defines the character of the trip. Do you want to sleep in a tent, camper van or hotel? Are we looking for a rental in a city apartment or a farm? In any case, the accommodation must meet all your children's needs, especially when they are very young. Many families like to camp or stay in an individual rental to be independent and enjoy a cheaper holiday. Moreover, it is always a great adventure for children to spend the nights in a tent or on a farm. But there are also many hotels today that have adapted to the needs of families and offer a variety of activities for children.


In the South or the North, on the beach or in the mountains? Everything is possible - except to stay in the warmth that you should avoid when travelling with children, especially toddlers. This is why many parents now decide to go with their children to the mountains instead of going to the beach for simple reasons: nature, the outdoors, calm and various activities, such as hiking or cycling. Finally, in the end Be inspired before you leave and consult travel blogs.