To go on holiday or for a short getaway during the weekend, you would have to plan a large investment. When you do the calculation, the means of travel takes up a large part of the budget and can greatly influence the price of the trip. In general, finding a cheap flight is not a problem. All you need to do is use a few tips to get the best deals.

Going out in low season!

Outside the tourist seasons, demand is falling and to attract customers, transport companies are charging lower prices regardless of the destination. Indeed, it is possible to earn up to several hundred euros depending on the date and destination. If you leave in February or November, you will be able to enjoy a more attractive rate: these are the months of promotions! Most tickets are sold at a discount price! And other services are offered to customers to promote sales such as an exceptional discount for a trip for two or with the family, small surprise gifts...

Travelling at the last minute!

Just like last-minute stays given by tour operators, airlines also offer last-minute flight offers to encourage people to buy an air ticket. Indeed, thanks to this promotion, you can save up to 75% off the normal rate. The principle is simple: there are still places available while the plane will take off in a few hours. To compensate for these losses, they prefer a sale at a loss rather than losing the price of vacant spaces altogether. But to benefit from such an offer, you would have to be flexible in selecting the date and destination: the departure and return date is already set and you will have no choice in terms of destination.

Use a comparator!

What the hell is that? In fact, it is a powerful and fast online tool used to facilitate the search for a cheap flight, accommodation or all-inclusive stay. This is the best way for Internet users to find the best offer: they enter the required information and validate. With a few clicks, they can access the best offers on the market. Attention! These sites each have their own specificities. The flight ticket comparator, for example, is reserved only for those who are looking for a flight at the best price. Finally, it is advisable to choose a less touristic destination if you want to live unforgettable and sensational adventures without ruining yourself!