Tourist guide, geo-location, weather, restaurant guide, airport and station guide... In short, a multitude of cyber services available to everyone to make the most of their trips. We have selected for you some cool smartphone applications to use during your next weekend.

Preparing for the trip

Before leaving for a weekend or a stay, a multitude of services are available. No more random and "we'll see soon" space. Preparing for a vacation is like being gone, right? What to put in the suitcase? What will the weather be like? Install the Weather Pro application or the weather channel and you will have no more doubts. Do you have to go to a country with an unstable politics? Check the latest advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the "Travel Advice" application. What is the time of flight or hotel address? 1000 loose papers in your luggage? Group all your bookings and upload your complete agenda to your i-phone with all the customer service numbers of travel agencies, hotels... All the useful information will be at hand! It's a very useful application, especially for heads in the air like me!


All the major travel sites have also released their applications to make reservations from their smartphones. Here are some of them among many others:
  • Liligo (booking flights, hotels...)
  • SNCF travel (train booking, flight, hotel...), you will have access to all train schedules and station information.
  • New Frontiers (stays), with access to travel auctions.
  • Accor Hotels: you can see which Accor hotel is closest, the price of a room and make your reservation
  • Sixt: with lots of itinerary and personalized advice.
  • FastBooking: Hotel reservation centre.

Transport guide

Not easy not to get lost in the London Underground, Tokyo transport or find a taxi in Paris. Here are some of the i-phones applications to make your life on public transport easier:
  • My airport: to know the airports of Paris like the back of your hand.
  • RATP: to know all the schedules, disruptions... of RATP's transport services in Paris.
  • Taxi.
  • Metro Paris.

Tourist Guide

There are a whole range of applications to enrich your cultural visits: explanations, biographies, stories, photos... No more need for audio guides or tourist guides. Cityzeum or Urban Trip (free), your travel guide directly on your phone.

Hiking in Paris

Geo lives: to create your route, calculate your hiking itinerary...

The most surprising and unusual

Soda Snap: to send e-cards from a photo taken with your iPhone Great British Film Location to discover all the film locations in London Get2Me to find a friend for a coffee, send your position and a map and let's go! Car Locator: impossible to know where you have parked the car? with Car Locator you can! Eco Taxi: to find people to share taxi costs. Not bad, isn't it?