When you plan a trip for your holiday you are sometimes not excited enough to leave but beware of unpleasant surprises, it is important to follow some tips for a quality trip so that everything goes well from departure to return. First of all for a good trip and stay you need to be in shape, so it is better to rest the day before with a long night where you will sleep well, and snuite in the morning do not forget to have breakfast to be in shape. For your clothing, it is necessary to wear sufficiently flexible and simple clothes in order to be as comfortable as possible in your sneakers but also in the context of activities such as hikes for example (you can however bring elegant clothes to go out in the evening for example). The journey by plane is sometimes long and tiring so don't hesitate to bring earplugs and a headrest to sleep and rest during the trip.

A pleasant journey

Be aware that during your flight, you are perfectly entitled to carry your toilet bag with you as long as you remove metal and dangerous objects, but it is practical enough to brush your teeth for example on a long trail of several hours. If you are ever anxious, you have the right to ask for an accompaniment with the on-board staff, so you shouldn't deprive yourself of it and many airlines now offer this service like Air France for example: http://www.airfrance.fr/FR/fr/common/guidevoyageur/bienetre_sante/guide_bienetre_sante.htm In order not to have any unpleasant surprises when you fly, check before you are up to date on your vaccinations and for various diseases depending on the country, as this may be a reason for refusing a departure compared to an exotic trip, for example.