Surrounding Lake Geneva, the commune of Evian-les-bains is a commune where the industry linked to the exploitation of thermal waters is at the forefront. In the past, there were plenty of hobbies and accommodation at any time. You can spend weekends or holidays there. Concerning accommodation, you can choose cottages, inns or caravans according to the means at your disposal. Evian offers establishments for corporate debates. It is better to consult friends who have been there once or to search the net to learn about some good tips.

Travelling in Haute-Savoie

When you go on holidays or weekends, for outings, it is possible to land without worry inside a bar in Evian les bains or in the best restaurant in Haute-Savoie. The thermal sites are places that can be visited in Evian. Mineral water has been traded worldwide for a very long time. Evian is famous because of its waters. Apart from visiting these places where you can see the treatment of mineral water, you can go for a swim, hang out in the waterfront parks in harmony with the vegetation. Bathing is an activity that can be practiced when you are in Evian. At any time of the year there is the possibility of doing various sports. There are: billiards, cycling, horse riding, golf, fishing, petanque, diving, water skiing, tennis, sailing. Many sports associations give training or instruction sessions under sail (the Evian Sailing Circle), there is the football club (U.S.E.L.) which does the same. Those with children can have their children looked after if they wish. In Evian, many theatres offer concerts, theatres and many shows to entertain and entertain. There is also the possibility to visit the Palais Lumière.