Babies are small, fragile beings. For this reason, travelling with them by plane, car or train is quite special. It is therefore the task of adults to plan what is needed to make them feel comfortable throughout the crossing. Here are some tips and tricks to spend a pleasant time with your baby in the transport.

The long crossing

Travelling by plane or train with a child has never been easy. However, a good preparation and follow-up of some tips will make it easier for you to get by. Remember that you are the parent and therefore the guarantor of everyone's well-being during the trip. When checking in for your flight, it is important to consider the duration of the flight. Long-haul flights are often boring for babies so choose flights with stopovers. They will give you more space to take care of your baby. You can also choose night flights, as they offer your baby the opportunity to sleep without breaking his routine.

Better conditions for babies

If you are used to travel with a company that offers loyalty offers, you can enroll your child there so that during the flight, he or she can enjoy some benefits (special baby food, daycare, etc.). Some train companies offer the same offers. Before the big departure, be careful not to exceed the required weight, as travelling with a baby requires many full suitcases (medicines, medical tapes, toys, warm clothes). Don't forget to keep a blanket for your baby, because at a certain altitude and at night, the temperature rises quickly. To be more comfortable before the trip, it is advisable to move your baby in a kangaroo bag with wheels. This way, even when you feel exhausted, you can move it with the wheels. Babies are not complicated beings when it comes to food. Before the trip, plan one or more bottles that you will keep warm in a thermos. Water in aircraft and trains is not certified as 100% pure. To do this, bring drinking water or fruit juice, especially if you are on a long trip like in Costa Rica.

Before boarding

We propose to change your baby's diaper immediately before boarding. Changing a baby on a plane is not easy. In the train, the sometimes-abrupt movements do not simplify your task either. During air travel, often during landing and takeoff, many babies cannot withstand pressure variations. In these cases, they do not hesitate to cry. Encourage them to drink water to balance the pressure. To ensure that your baby has a chance to drink water, avoid giving him water before boarding.

A car tour

Travelling by car with a baby is much less complicated than in other modes of transport. Before departure, you must pack the necessary items in your suitcases. Consider installing a child seat that meets safety standards and has seat belts and protection for your child in the event of an impact. Are you lost in the choice of seat? Don't panic, this very complete shopping guide will help you choose the ideal car seat. Don't forget to strap it securely to the seat before you hit the road. During the trip and to keep him occupied, don't forget to take his favorite toys with you without cluttering up too much. Of course, a few regular glances in the rearview mirror allow you to keep an eye on your child without taking your eyes off the road, especially if you are alone. The advantage of travelling with your baby in the car is that you can stop whenever you want at a parking space to change his diaper or give him his bottle. It is important to have a first aid kit that can be used by you and your baby. After all, aren't they your little ones?