Mexico is one of the most popular travel destinations today. This excitement is easily explained by the many sites it offers both culturally and in terms of entertainment. It goes without saying that you will have to go there at least once in a lifetime in order to be able to claim to have travelled. All you need to do is find out about the attractions in order to fully enjoy the trip.

The destinations

When we talk about a Francophone excursion to the Maya Riviera, we will expect several sites that will offer unpublished memories. First, we have Chichen Itza, which is probably the most famous Mayan site in Mexico. It is, moreover, classified among the list of wonders of the world which explains why it is the most visited site in the country. After that, we have yet another Mayan site with Tulum, which is a magnificent site, but not only. On Tulum, you can also visit an underground river and a magnificent beach that will delight the spirits. When it comes to beaches, there is also Akumal, which is both an exquisite beach and a turtle spawning ground. It is also a very good place to go scuba diving. After these heavenly beaches, it is easy to visit Coba, which is the highest pyramid in Yucatan. In addition to climbing to the top, this site will also offer a typical Mayan trip where villagers will learn how to make chewing gum.

It's not over yet.

Yes, the list is not finished yet. If we refer to a Mexico forum, we will also find that Xel Ha will be the next step. Indeed, this site is one of the largest natural aquariums in the world. We will therefore be able to fully enjoy the marine fauna. After that, we will visit Xcaret, which has a zoo, a seaside resort, an amusement park and an archaeological area. Not only will you be able to see the wildlife, but you will also be able to attend shows on Mayan history. So it's a place for the whole family. Freediving enthusiasts can also visit Isla Mujeres, a national park on the west coast. This will also be the case on Xphua which is specialized for swimming and diving.