Cyprus, an island in the eastern Mediterranean, has always been the object of desire of many civilizations for its beauty and geostrategic location. It is an authentic place, lulled by legends; by various architectural works that bear witness to the many civilizations that have come together there; and by magnificent landscapes. So nowadays, it is also one of the places not to be missed for a luxury stay, in its rural landscapes, on the mountains, and of course on the beach. In addition, the island has many luxury beachfront hotels that offer a breath-taking view of the sea.

Many unmissable interests

For a well-deserved beach holiday, think of a place where the sun stays all year round. This is precisely the case in Cyprus, because you can come there at any time of the year, the climate is favourable all year round. A luxury stay says, a relaxing stay, but don't miss to know a little more about this dream island. Indeed, there is so much to discover in Cyprus, including the Orthodox churches and monasteries of the Troodos Mountains, ancient castles, mountain resorts, forests and spring wildflowers if you visit the island at this season. Most tourists come to Cyprus for a cultural trip. The Tou Romiou Petro Rock is one of the island's major attractions, as legend has it that it was the scene of the birth of Aphrodite, the goddess of Love. That is why Cyprus was called "the island of love". The country offers a total change of scenery both by the mountainous and marine landscapes. Then, the islanders of Cyprus are particularly welcoming, so don't be surprised if a stranger greets you in the street. It is in the good manners of the inhabitants to welcome visitors with a smile.

A balneotherapy stay for a total change of scenery

If you are not at the peak of your well-being with everything you spend, it is not a luxury vacation. Cyprus is also ideal for a seaside holiday with its sandy coves and turquoise waters. In general, large luxury hotels have wellness areas including balneotherapy and spa, you will not have to travel for this kind of service. Also remember to have a massage at the end of the evening, especially after a busy day. By combining a cultural stay and a seaside holiday, you would spend a luxury holiday at the beach on this dream island.