Because memories are one of those things that we fall for at every destination, and that put a big hit on our travel budget. But it is also possible to bring back free souvenirs, and not to ruin yourself. Let's discover together in this article 5 ideas of completely free souvenirs to bring back from your travels abroad. Because travel is good, but saving is better!

A piece of Nature

No matter where you go, you can take a piece of nature with you. For example, sand, a shell, a significant tree leaf of the country, sea water, a stone. And as a bonus, you can find them everywhere, it could even make you a great collection!

The pictures!

Well yes, photos are a basic, but they're so powerful and free...! No need for a great camera, with your phone it will do the job. Immortalize all the moments or landscapes that make you dream about the moment; you will have a trace when you come back.

The Videos!

In the same way as photos, videos can be made using your phone. It's simple, fast and above all it doesn't cost a cent. Whether it is a video of a moment, an activity or simply a landscape, it will make a perfect souvenir of your trip. The Prospectuses! No matter where you go, all you have to do is stop at the local tourist office for a few flyers. Okay, it's advertising, but when you add it to your memory folder you'll be thrilled. Glad to discover or rediscover these places, activities or other that you may have seen or done during your vacation.

All your receipts!

Whether it is your flight ticket, your hotel reservation or even a restaurant bill. It will make you one more souvenir to take home! Not only is it free, but every time you consult them, you will remember when you spent your money!

Coins and banknotes!

To conclude this article, and therefore in the 6th point, I propose you to bring back some change. A must-have souvenir for travellers. Without necessarily being a money lover, by bringing back a coin or a ticket from each of your destinations, you will have a great memory. And what are the memories you bring back every time?