Most people believe that cruises have been designed to travel as a family or as a couple, but more and more people are boarding a cruise unaccompanied. There are a few cruise lines that are aware of the potential of this type of cruiser and are organising more and more cruises exclusively for solo sailors. Despite the increase in the number of passengers travelling alone, many still do not dare to take the step to book a cruise without being accompanied by someone for fear of being bored and not being able to get to know other passengers. Those who have already travelled on a cruise ship know that it is almost impossible to complete the journey without having carried out activities together with people you did not know before boarding. Here is a series of tips that could help those who would like to travel alone on a cruise.

Choose a large dining table

Some cruise lines are in the process of generalizing the possibility of choosing the restaurant at lunchtime. However, most shipowners such as Costa croisières, listed on the aarcroisiere site, still respect the traditional tour de service, normally divided in two where it is necessary to reserve a table when booking the cruise. If this is the case, ask to be placed on a large table. This way, you will have the opportunity to get to know other people with whom you can organize activities on board or excursions once ashore during the stopovers.

Favour group excursions

Once you arrive at your destination, do not go alone to discover the destination. You won't know many people. It is preferable to register for the excursions offered on board in order to be able to visit the destination with other people and thus make connections during the bus trip.

Don't lock yourself in your cabin

It's the last thing you should do. The cabin should only be used for resting and washing. If you lock yourself in your cabin for hours, you are wasting valuable time that will not help you achieve your goal of meeting other cruise passengers with whom to share good times during your trip.