When winter arrives, if there is one thing you think about, it's skiing holidays, but you still have to know how to do it so that everything goes as well as possible. Sometimes some misadventures can happen, especially when you are not used to taking a ski holiday in the winter and are more used to going out in the sun in the summer.

Our advice

winter stayFirst of all, you must choose the ski resort that meets your expectations if, for example, you prefer to spend a quiet holiday or rather to have a lively evening and go out in the evening. You can also sometimes choose a ski resort where there are no young children for example. Then, like many people, there is the question of the equipment for your ski holiday because you have the choice of bringing your own ski equipment or renting one on site. You must take into consideration the duration of your trip because if you only leave for a week for example, there is no point in buying equipment for such a short period of time, the choice of rental will offer the best quality/price ratio. In addition, once on site, you will be advised and guided by specialists and instructors for the choice of your skis and your suit for example. As for your banding, you should take a sunscreen because you should not neglect the power of the sun when skiing because it is increased by the snow that reflects the sun's rays. The same applies to traditional hats and gloves to protect you from the cold but also from falling which can be unpleasant on snow with bare hands for example. Finally, for the safety of everyone once at the resort, you must respect rules such as those for the movement of skiers on the slopes. You now have the essential information for a pleasant ski holiday.