Scandola Nature Reserve

The island of Beauty is one of those destinations that continue to amaze you, even after having spent several stays there. It offers a multitude of things to do and see. If you have not yet defined your next holiday destination, discover three good reasons that will simply encourage you to choose Corsica and its wonders.

Varied and dazzling landscapes

Corsica is not nicknamed the island of Beauty for no reason. Its landscapes make it a popular nature holiday destination. Its small villages and superb coves give it an undisputed charm. With its beautiful beaches and turquoise waters, Corsica also lends itself to seaside holidays under the sun. In addition to swimming, you can practice all kinds of water sports, such as diving or windsurfing. To fully appreciate the amazing and diversified landscapes that Corsica has to offer, why not discover the Scandola nature reserve or explore the Agriates desert? Don't miss to visit the creeks of Piana, the Gulf of Porto or the Lavezzi Islands to experience your Corsican holidays in a different way. The pozzines of Coscione, in the heart of Corsica, represent another unmissable landscape on the island of Beauty.

An island rich in biodiversity

The Scandola nature reserve will allow you to discover part of the richness of Corsica's fauna and flora. It is home to many endemic species.  Red granite, an incredible green scrubland, steep cliffs, the panoramas of the Scandola nature reserve are dazzling. Within this protected area, you can simply enjoy a beautifully preserved biodiversity. It is not for nothing that it is considered as one of the jewels of the Mediterranean. If you like to focus your holidays on outdoor entertainment, such as hiking, bird watching or horseback riding, you should opt for Corsica. Each activity will be an opportunity to discover a facet of this Mediterranean island.

A unique culture and gastronomy in the world

The holidays in Corsica will be an opportunity to immerse yourself in an exciting culture. The local people, very welcoming, like to share their history with the holidaymakers. You can take advantage of your immersion to learn more about Corsican traditions, visit historical monuments and marvel at regional folk dances. You will also taste Corsican gastronomy, a real concentrate of flavours and local products. While freshwater fish and seafood remain a must, Corsican soups, cheese and desserts will also delight the gourmands. Don't forget to bring back Corsican deli meats to your loved ones as a gift. To be enjoyed in a thousand and one ways, they will perfectly complement your aperitifs or family gatherings. Another souvenir you can bring back from this island: the Corsican knife, made from oak or olive tree, a real work of art.