Discover the world

Travel around the world and discover beautiful places…

Travel around the world and discover beautiful places


The best destinations for an unforgettable honeymoon

A honeymoon trip must be the most beautiful trip of your life! You will find some travel ideas and inspiration that correspond to your desires on

Trip in South America

Ready for an exotic trip? Visit this beautiful continent and discover Costa Rica, Peru and so on…

Trip in South America

Trip in Asia

Discover Thailand, Don det and Asian culture. Asia remains the world’s most populated continent with a colourful and interesting culture.

Trip in Asia

Visit France

France hides some treasures in the south. Visit Corsica and you will not be disappointed!

Visit France


A lot of countries in Europe should be visited!

When we talk about Europe, we firstly think about Paris, its beauty and its monuments. However, Europe is a very rich continent with several cities to discover!

Although France has nice destinations that deserve to be visited, you can also discover Italy, England, Greece etc.


How to organize your holidays?

Spend peaceful holidays

Travelling is the definition of easing off on the pressure. We all want to spend peaceful holidays, but travelling is first and foremost a big organization!

Thanks to personal experiences or some people experiences shared on the internet, we can give you some tips and advice to help you preparing your holidays.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and go!


Travel with small budget

No matter your budget, it is always possible to travel !

What is considered to be “off-peak” in one country might not be in another because some destinations have different tourist seasons. It is highly recommended to travel “off-peak”

Travel with small budget
Travelling with baby

Travelling with baby

We all have been wondering if we can travel with a baby, but everything depends on the destination. Even though, it is not recommended to travel by plane you can still travel by car before his first birthday.

Do not forget to make a passport for your baby and his ID card to travel in good conditions.


Where to leave your luggage?

While in transit to a city or for a longer stay, you may be wondering where you could drop off your luggage for a few hours, just to take advantage of the time you have left to visit nearby places without any constraints before continuing your trip to your final destination. This is also the case in the event that you are in the destination city for a long stay and arrive a little too early before the time indicated to check in at your hotel or your rental residence. The good news is that you have a wide range of solutions, among which you can opt for a luggage locker, like that offered by Nannybag.